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THE RITA - Eyeliner, Rome, The Sphinx

"Miss Leigh, in the role of Cleopatra — which is secondary to Caesar's all the way — gives what must be termed a perfect picture of the youthful Egyptian queen — at least, as Mr. Shaw perceived her. She is timid and electric as a girl and drenched with a hot, aggressive nature as the woman whom Caesar inspires. Slim and elastic in rare costumes, she looks every bit the one to catch the fateful fancy of a man with a cultivated taste."

- Bosley Crowther, The New York Times, 1946

WORKER - Hot Shot

This track is dedicated to the people who suffer
extreme drug addiction in the Downtown Eastside. The term "hot shot" is used when you think you are injecting your drug of choice but are instead injecting something completely different out of desperation. Can you imagine expecting to cure severe heroin withdrawals but, when the plunger goes down, you’ve been dosed with methyl hydrate? Then close your eyes and enjoy, fuckers. This is also dedicated to THE RITA, who has been the ultimate inspiration and mentor; Anju Singh who the sun would not shine without; and Jesse Taylor for dragging me out of the ditch everytime I dive back in. Thanks to Taylor, Rusalka and Arlie. Recorded live at my jam space in the Downtown Eastside. The land of despair.

Absurd Exposition / What Is Making Us Sick


released April 21, 2015




Absurd Exposition

Mediocrity and genius are equally useless.

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